Profile photoI’m Beth Saward. I’m an English teaching assistant, freelance writer and travel fanatic. 

I’ve moved around quite a lot in my 22 years – I’ve lived in Germany, Wales, Oxford, Yorkshire, and all over the South of England. You could say that this is what set up my wanderlust! I went to university in Norwich for 3 years, then returned to work and live in my favourite city, Oxford. I spend every spare minute I’m not at work out exploring, whether that’s here at home or going further afield during the school holidays – one of the bonuses of working as a teaching assistant! Here’s where I’ll be sharing my adventures with you. There’ll be a mix of posts, some focusing on just Oxford and some going further afield.

I hope to show you what it is about Oxford that so captures my imagination.  I’ve become something of a tourist in my hometown, spending hours walking through the city centre and its surrounding areas.  Hopefully you’ll find it as interesting a place as I do! As for my trips overseas, I can’t get enough of having the chance to delve into new cultures and countries. There’s so much of the world that I haven’t seen and now you can come along for the discoveries with me.